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BlackBox Ignition

Black Box Ignition Box

Black Box Ignition Box

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The All New Black Box II Programmable ignition Box is so packed with features that it knocks the competition out of the park.

With the experience of our original BlackBox and feedback we had over the years, we have developed our new BlackBox in conjunction with a UK manufacturer.

You told us you wanted multiple maps - You got it !
You told us you did not want a PC based system - You got it !
You told us you wanted Vacuum control - You got it !
You told us you wanted a rev limiter - You got it !
You told us you wanted it to work out of the box -You got it !
You said you wanted all this at an AccuSpark price point - You got it !

You'll get all this and a lot more ....

Fully stand alone, needs no PC, app or Bluetooth connection.
On board easy to follow screen.
Shows live data , RPM , advance and vacuum ( optional )
Fully programmable ignition curve with multiple programmable points
Fully linear curve
Program 3 full Maps
Programmable Rev Limiter - soft cut
Programmable vacuum. ( optional )
Adjust while running
Once set up adjust timing from the box itself
Works out of the box with 4 simple connections , no re-wiring
Can be used just as a rev limiter or Vacuum control
Converts a non vacuum distributor to a vacuum distributor by just connecting a simple pipe.

BlackBox is used to program any traditional advancing distributor. The distributor needs to be locked with the supplied wire, then any advance curve can be programed.
BlackBox can hold up to 3 maps .

BlackBox can be used to program any Vacuum advance curve . This can be done regardless of distributor type. The BlackBox is connected directly to the vacuum source

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